The results are in: we recycled 4,500 lbs. of paper!

Congratulations to our outstanding volunteers who helped us make our first recycling event a success!  Neck Deep In Newspaper was a three day race to keep tons of paper from meeting a landfill. By the end we'd recycled a full dumpster of newspaper, and half a dumpster of cardboard, giving us a total of 4,500 lbs of beautiful tree that we gave new life to.  Our volunteers had a good time, and they racked up the company equity we gave them to help us, earning themselves a staggering 5,600 shares.  Awesomesauce to all of our attendees, we couldn't have done it without you, and a BIG thanks goes to U-STOR Self Storage for hosting the event.

U-Stor Logo
We’d like a give a special thanks to U-Stor Self-Storage for hosting the event

Have you recently been offered Innovation Inc. company stock for your participation in a recycling or conservation event? First, Thank You For Your Service, second, you can claim it right here. Use the form below to receive your million-dollar certificate, sent with love and the USPS. Any questions can be sent to Admin@AGreener.US; stay healthy and safe everyone!

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