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A Greener US Is Making Moves!

It may have been a hot minute since our last blog article, but that doesn’t mean we’ve called it quits. Quite the contrary, our team has been conceiving, creating, and connecting all sorts of new additions, including service locations!  I’m proud to announce the A Greener US expansion to Ohio, we look forward to serving local Buckeye State communities.  As we work to learn about Ohio’s recycling market, we excitedly remind everyone that the City of Cleveland’s recycling program has restarted with WEEKLY pickups! Residents must complete a one-time registration, which can be found at this Recycle Cleveland form, and has a DEADLINE OF JULY 31, 2022.  The program’s website FAQ states:

If I didn’t opt in, can I still recycle at home?

If a household has not opted in to the recycling program, the City will remove the recycling bin from

that location. However, you may still participate in recycling at drop-off locations

Sustainable C leveland
Recycle Cleveland

City of Cleveland Recycling Program general information can be found at Sustainable Cleveland, please visit and register to retain your curbside recycling service today!